Workshop 5 : Cosmetic tests


  • Understand the need for verification tests of formulae at Research and Development (R&D) laboratory
  • Identify mandatory test to market a cosmetic product
  • Identify required tests to ensure finished product safety and quality 
  • Select the types of tests used to substantiate a marketing claim

Target Audience

– Manufacturers

– Retailers

– Test laboratories

Delivery mode

Online or on-site


Notebook (presentation, study case)


1 day


From 300€/person


New product design


  • Regulatory context
  • Tests to be carried out at the R&D lab : stability, packaging compatibility, microbiological monitoring
  • Description and aim of the tests


  • Tests to be carried out at the sclae-up stage and first manufacturing
  • Tests objectives and timeline
  • Management of non-compliances
Claims related to cosmetic product
  • Claims meaning
  • Claims substantiation
  • Choose the appropriate tests for desired claims