Workshop 4 : Raw materials and technical documentation


  • Identify the different categories of cosmetic raw materials
  • Understand the regulatory process related to the manufacturing of cosmetic raw materials
  • Identify the required technical documentation
  • Check suppliers’ quality and compliance to EU, US and Caribbean regulation
  • Ensure cosmetic products launch

Target Audience

– Manufacturers

– Suppliers

– Test laboratories

Delivery mode

Online or on-site


Notebook (presentation, study case)


2 days


From 550€/person


Raw materials used in cosmetics


  • Main categories of ingredients 
  • Ingredients’ functions
  • Raw materials’s types
Regulatory requirements


  • Focus on prohibited, restricted and permitted susbtances 
  • Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic (CMR) substancies
  • Specific case of nanomaterials
  • Labels and certifications in the EU and the US
Technical documentation
  • Significance of technical documentation in cosmetics
  • Mandatory and optional documentations 
  • Content and specificity of technical documents ( Technical sheet, Safety data sheet)
  • Raw materials compliance