Workshop 3 : Cosmetic regulations


  • Master the essential aspects of cosmetic regulations in Europe, the USA and the West Indies area.
  • Define the regulatory actions required to :
    • guarantee the compliance of cosmetic products before ther are sold and the market 
    • prepare for exportation

Target Audience

– Manufacturers

– Suppliers 

– Retailers 

– Test laboratories

Delivery mode

Online or on-site


Notebook (presentation, study case)


2 days


From 550€/person


European regulation


  • Definition, role and responsabilities
  • Analysis of the good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Presentation of Product Information File (PFI)
  • Preparation of the Safety report 
  • Cosmetovigilance
  • European centralized notification
US regulation


  • OTC drugs and soaps
  • How to create a label compliant with US regulation
  • Colorants and pigments
  • Finished cosmetic product registration
Caribbean phyto-cosmetics regulation


  • Caribbean regulation evolution
  • Preservatives
  • Other specificities


  • Explanation of different claims
  • Common criteria in Europe
  • Evidence of claimed effect
  • Digital marketing : website and social networks