Workshop 2 : Basics in cosmetic formulation (theoretical)


  • Understand the formulation stage during a cosmetic product development
  • Distinguish each galenic and tis advantages
  • Identify the roles of main cosmetic ingredients in produtcs
  • Discover the regulation basics

Target Audience

All professionals

Delivery mode

Online or on-site


Notebook (presentation, study case)


1 day


From 300€/persone


A cosmetic product overview


  • Discover the basics in cosmetic regulation
  • What really is a cosmetic product ?
Product design : From Galenics to raw materials


  • Basic in physico-chemistry used in cosmetic science
  • Dispersions in cosmetic science : emulsions, suspensions, foams, aerosol spray or aerosol cans
  • Differences between colloidal solutions and real solutions : oils, balms, EdT, gels
  • Focus on powder
Ensure a cosmetic product sells


  • Which control procedure to apply during a formula development process
  • Which test to carry on in order to guarantee a product safety and substantiate its claims